Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

The Ership Group has a Code of Ethics that sets out the organization´s core values, which includes the commitment of all our companies to the principles of corporate ethics and transparency in all spheres of action, establishing the guidelines of conduct aimed at ensuring the ethical and responsible behaviour of all of the Group´s professionals in performing their activities.

In addition, the Code of Ethics has been drawn up taking into account the recommendations for good corporate governance and the principles of social responsibility accepted by Ership, as well as the recommendations of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Basic Code, and human rights within the framework of the United Nations General Principles (UNGP), which constitute a basic reference for their compliance by the Group.

Consequently, Ership Ership is committed to protect and respect the human rights of its workers, as well as to remedy, and carry out as many actions as necessary to correct any violation of them,valuing positively the fact that its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and partners in general (hereinafter, “the users”) report any behaviours that breach the Code of Ethics or that are irregular, illicit or of a criminal nature.


External reporting channel

Ership makes an external reporting channel available to all users so that they can report and report breaches of the Code of Ethics or any irregular, illegal or criminal conduct detected in the Ership Group.

The external reporting channel is managed by an external and independent company which will process the content of reported breaches to the Compliance Committee, in accordance with the Regulations, ensuring the confidentiality of the reporting party.

This channel is created exclusively for the reporting of the breaches discussed herein. Any user who wishes to file a claim or complaint or make a suggestion must address Ership's Sales Department directly.