When should I report?

In accordance with the Regulations, any irregular, illicit or criminal conduct committed by a member of Ership related, among others, to the following areas must be reported through this confidential reporting channel:

Human Rights: Human Rights breaches.

Conflicts of interest: Inappropriate personal situations or relationships with third parties that could influence the correct performance of their duties affecting Ership by placing their personal interests above those of the institution.

Corruption: Benefits to a public official to influence his or her decision, to obtain advantages or to compensate for an advantage obtained in the past, including facilitating or expediting payments; guaranteeing any benefit to persons who are not public officials to induce or reward them for the improper performance of their functions; the involvement of a user in an Ership decision that entails a direct or indirect benefit for that user or for any person related to them.

Workers’ rights: Conducts that jeopardise workers’ health and physical integrity, or that produce situations of discrimination or that amount to harassment. 

Technology resources: Improper use of Ership's ICT equipment, unauthorised downloading of programs.

Ership's solvency and accounting aspects: Concealment of assets, as well as the systematic recording and analysis of business and financial transactions that do not comply with the accounting regulations. 

Anomalies in the origin and destination of funds: Conducts that render ineffective the policies of prevention of internal money-laundering, as well as the fraudulent obtaining, management and use of public grants and subsidies.

Fraud: Deception and the omission of important information to third parties.

Industrial property: The use of trade marks and patents without the requisite licence.

Confidentiality of the information: Any unauthorised use of information of Ership or its users that is not supposed to be in the public domain.