Introduction – SIGER

Ership Group; based on the experience gained over more than a century both in maritime experience and in requirements from international standards related to quality, environmental, safety & health and food safety management systems; decided to design and implement its own integrated risks management system, SIGER, in order to combine efforts and synergies in the organization, aimed at, among others:


  • To know, control and reduce the risks related to our business.
  • To offer a “zero-error“service, as a result of the assessment of the stakeholders´ needs and expectations.
  • To increase the customer loyalty and satisfaction, providing a differentiating value.
  • To be ready and alert for any change in the port maritime industry.
  • To generate and ensure knowledge.
  • To improve the sustainability.
  • To shape Ership Group as an excellent, safe, efficient and responsible company.

Diagram. SIGER Principles