The Management of ERSHIP, S.A.declare their determined interest to impulse the prevention of labour risks and the continuous improvement of the conditions of Safety and Health at the working centres.

Consequently, they commit themselves in the leadership, development and planning of a Prevention Plan within the frame provided by the Prevention Law of Labour Risks.

The aforesaid Plan provides the requirements to integrate the Prevention into the management of the company, within the ensemble of activities and decisions, both in the technical processes, working organization and everything concerning all levels of the commanding lines.


Following this procedure, Prevention becomes the responsibility of EVERYBODY and EACH of those working in and for ERSHIP, S.A.


The management of ERSHIP, S.A. commit themselves to supply all the suitable resources for the development of the aforesaid Prevention Plan and make it known to all the staff, coordinate it with their customers and impulse its fulfillment.


Finally, they declare their wish that all the organization gets involved in the development of the aforesaid Plan, cooperating in its implantation and assuming the corresponding individual obligations therein.


Date of approval 10/01/2005